About Us..

     Omni Data specialises in creating custom database applications and hardware installations and configurations for specific needs. Our tools are specifically aimed at small to medium sized business that allow us to create tailor-made custom applications to specific budgets. 

     One of these tools is Cache from Intersystems. Caché® is the high-performance object database that runs SQL five times faster than relational databases. Caché enables rapid Web applications development, extraordinary transaction processing speed, massive scalability, and real-time queries against transactional data – with minimal maintenance and hardware requirements. Caché objects can be used with many popular development technologies including Java, .NET, C++, XML, and others.

 These tools allow us to deliver browser-based e-commerce or classic database solutions with relative ease, speed and budget to most platforms.

     Omni Data is an Cache Developer, utilising the services of associates with similar expertise in software development, when required. Our entry into software development industry dates back to 1976 when Intel produced the first Single Board Computer, based on the 8008 chip set. Since that time, we have delivered services to a large cross-section of clients. See [Portfolio].

     Omni Data provides, installs, maintains and supports communications equipment, in-building and in-vehicle, providing Internet and cellular communications in difficult signal areas. In areas of weak signals, special purpose equipment will boost the signals to provide coverage that would otherwise be intermittent, problematic or simply non-functional. Satellite based equipment is used where there is no signal that can be boosted.