Our speciality is creating custom database applications for specific needs. Our specialised tools specifically aimed at small to medium sized business allow us to create tailor-made custom applications to specific budgets. 

   The range includes the following services;

Custom Database Applications - as an example, a typical task for us comes from business owners who seek simple solutions to challenges faced by today's hectic pace of business. Off-the-shelf software is cheap and often well supported, but the old 80:20 rule combined with "you get what you pay for" invariably prevent middle-of-the-road software going past middle-of-the-road results. At the other end of the scale, we often find software that is an over-kill for the task required and often over-priced. Neither offer the optimum of a correct tool for the task at the right price.

Genus Software is an example of the possibilities - an in-house database controls all aspects of Schools, where Students are enrolled in Classes, Invoices with Payment links are generated auatomatically, School Owners have a broadcast facility to email all or selected Students. Students have access to a Portal where they can enroll, pay Invoices and view Nerwsletters

Comms Signal Boosting - Most businesses today are highly reliant on connectivity - both Internet and celluar telephone. Whether it's in an office, home or the car, if a strong, clear signal is being hampered by topograpgy, location or distance from the transmitter, there is a solution for a variety of requirements and budgets.