Omni Data develops custom applications, utilising the services of associates with similar expertise in software development, when required. Our entry into software development industry dates back to 1976 when Intel produced the first Single Board Computer, based on the 8008 chip set. Since that time, we have delivered services to a large cross-section of clients. Some of these include the following;

Alpine Resorts & Travel Centre, Alpine World, Ski One, Thredbo Accommodation Services, Perisher Blue Holiday Letting Reservations System and Owner Accounting with live Bookings over the Internet.

Alpine Sports Jindabyne - Point of Sale systems utilising Barcode Printing and Scanning

Australian Music Report - Desktop publishing system, National Top 40 Music Charts production

Baldwin Care Group Retirement Villages Management System

Barclays Bank Sydney - Corporate Presentation System

Bravo Intl. Holidays - Travel Trust Accounting System

Capita Villages - Competitive Data Analysis System

Cord Management Group - Contract Staff Placement, Accounting and Payroll for Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart offices

Direct Flights - Charter Airline Reservations and Ticketing System, operating from Sydney and Melbourne offices for Qantas Charter flights to Vietnam

DRAKE International - Change Management Methodology System

Forbes Consulting, Swift Solutions - Contract Staff Placement, Accounting and Payroll

Government Interpreting Services - foreign character Word Processors

Hooker Corporation, Laing + Simmons, Tim Green Commercial - Leasing Database Management System

Hyundai Automotive - Graphical Sales Analysis Management System

International Commodities Services - Foreign Currency Trading System

Leo Computers - Telemarketing System

Merlin Group - Survey Analysis System (Darling Harbour Project)

Software Upgrades and Services - Order processing, Stock and Invoice Management System

State Bank - Data Analysis Graphics and Matrices

Trackdown Recording Studios - Macintosh & PC based hardware systems for recording production, utilising high capacity and removable storage media for mastering digitised sound and multi media productions

University of NSW - School of Fibre Science

Yoram Gross Film Studios, Flying Bark Productions Production of Animated Films Tracking System (Dot & the Kangaroo, Blinky Bill).